Natasha loses virginity before camera - Part 2, HD porns watch

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THERE's NO WAY 9 years ago
that they're fucking this fast the first time. That shit hurts.
lol so fake 9 years ago
My girlfriend was a virgin when we had sex and it was nothing like that she's not just going to automatically feel good right after a couple of strokes that is so fake lol and then she took it doggy style ? Hell no that chick should be screaming like crazy if she is a virgin
Jhons fact of the day 9 years ago
Most women break their hymen while bike riding or masturbation so if you fuck a virgin they probably WONT bleed
Edwinaxxx 9 years ago
Girls, girls, girls! If he hasn't eaten you out, if you haven't had at least one orgasm before he sticks it in you, don't even think of giving up your hymen to him!
Virgin 9 years ago
I wish that I could get someone to take my v card :(
The paramedic ;) 9 years ago
To everyone who says 'you can see her hymen'. The hymen is actually nothing, there is no 'thin-layer' that breaks at first intercourse. It's just her opening that expand and cracks a little (there for the blood)
Tika 9 years ago
I shaved my first time too...Not...LMAO
dry ketchup 9 years ago
GODAMNNIT Natasha you took all the ketchup! I needed that ketchup for my fries. >:(
Fake 9 years ago
Fake ass shit
xxcxx 8 years ago
for those of you who didnt' know, the hymen regenerates itself normally so the "dezvirginization" things u see on porn are false