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Fuckboy 6 years ago
Man y'all some dumb ass niggas. Rape. Fr? It's fucking porn dude. Watch it. Rub your old nasty wrinkly cock and get tf outta here. Like fr.
Smh 6 years ago
She's too good of an actor
watcher 6 years ago
I had a friend who went through this but at a younger age, she was 14 when her step bro came at her. It affected most of her teen age years and how she reacted to guys and for a long time she couldnt have sex. She finally met a guy who treated her with some respect and love and now has 3 kids and is a bright bubbly personality again.
Patrick Star 6 years ago
I like potatoes
Wtf 6 years ago
Yo this is not ok this killed my mood
Boop 6 years ago
Her name is kimmy granger
Damn 6 years ago
This shit got me feeling guilty and shit, I couldn't even rub one out. God damn
acting skills 6 years ago
10/10 BOI
Fuck this 6 years ago
Mate, this is such a fuckin turn off
dank memes 6 years ago
This is my favorite anime