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2 years ago
The fuckin dog
2 years ago
that dog has seen shit
(optional) 2 years ago
I wouldn't trust this girl with my dick,she is the type of girl dudes shouldn't put their dick in atleast not when they are doing cowgirl. Those crazy hops in the video might look hot and fun until she fricken breaks your dick clean off aka penile fracture ya look it up that shit can happen, it WILL friken hurt, and you WILL need to do surgery to fix it.
2 years ago
I ride dick good too anybody want to find out
Sheesh 2 years ago
I’ve never had a girl ride this good. Hold on to that one.
lol 2 years ago
the dog is like
SEX 2 years ago
Best fucking video!!!
I am a cute girl 2 years ago
Close the dam windows :) anybody 2 years ago
Are you fucking morons....PLAY AMONG US???
Rder 2 years ago
i love making my boyfriend cum in this position but he can’t last a minute when i ride his dick so it’s always our “about to nut” position